Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 62, August, 2007
including 19th MCCCC, 2005

  • Ruth Haas, Audrey Lee, Ileanna Streinu and Louis Theran, "Characterizing Sparse Graphs by Map Decompositions", pp. 3-11
  • P.C. Li and G.H.J. van Rees, "Nearly Orthogonal Latin Squares", pp. 13-24
  • Harris Kwong and Sin-Min Lee, "On Q(a)P(b)-Super Edge-Gracefulness of Hypercubes", pp. 25-34
  • Masanori Koyama, David L. Neel and Michael E. Orrison, "Irreducible Graphs", pp. 35-43
  • Ebrahim Salehi, "On P3-Degree of Graphs", pp. 45-51
  • Sin-Min Lee and Yong-Song Ho, "All Trees of odd order with three even vertices are super edge-graceful", pp. 53-64
  • Paul E. Becker, Sheridan Houghten and Wolfgang Haas, "A Search For Solvable Weighing Matrices", pp. 65-84
  • Brian McMullen and Stanislaw P. Radziszowski, "Graph Reconstruction Numbers", pp. 85-96
  • Yong-Song Ho, Sin-Min Lee and Ho Kuen Ng, "On Friendly Index Sets of Root-unions of Stars by Cycles", pp. 97-120
  • Ruth Haas, Aloysius G. Helminck and Nicole Rizki, "Properties of Twisted Involutions in Signed Permutation Notation", pp. 121-128
  • Amir Barghi and Hossein Shahmohamad, "On Partial Chromatic Ordinomials", pp. 129-138
  • L.H. Clark, A.T. Mohr and T.D. Porter, "Some Applications of Spanning Trees in Ks,t", pp. 139-146
  • Yinghong Ma and Qinglin Yu, "Isolated Toughness and Existence of [a,b]-factors in Graphs", pp. 147-157
  • Dharam Chopra and M. Bsharat, "On The Constraints of Some Combinatorial Arrays", pp. 159-164
  • John J. Lattanzio, "Completely independent critical cliques", pp. 165-170
  • L.J. Cummings, "A Family of Comma-Free Codes with Even Word-Length", pp. 171-175
  • Dharam Chopra and Sin-Min Lee, "On super edge-magic graphs which are weak magic", pp. 177-187
  • Kung-Kuen Tse, "A Note On Some Ramsey Numbers R(Cp, Cq, Cr)", pp. 189-192
  • Sin-Min Lee, Yung-Chin Wang and Yihui Wen, "On the Q(a)P(b)-Super Edge-Graceful (p,p+1)-Graphs", pp. 193-216
  • R.G. Stanton, "Restricted Sarvate-Beam Triple Systems", pp. 217-219

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