Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 68, February, 2009

  • R. Douglas Chatham, Maureen Doyle, Gerd H. Fricke, Jon Reitmann, R. Duane Skaggs and Matthew Wolff, "Independence and Domination Separation on Chessboard Graphs", pp. 3-17
  • Ortrud R. Oellermann and Stephanie Phillips, "Steiner Intervals in Strongly Chordal Graphs", pp. 19-31
  • Chaoying Dai, (Ben) Pak Ching Li and Michel Toulouse, "A Multilevel Cooperative Tabu Search Algorithm for the Covering Design Problem", pp. 33-65
  • Vito Napolitano, "Note. An Example Of An L(n,d) Linear Space With More Than n2+n+1 Lines", pp. 67-71
  • Norman J. Finizio, "A Generalization of the Anderson-Ellison Methodology for Z-cyclic DTWh(p) and OTWh(p) ", pp. 73-83
  • Brian G. Kronenthal and Lorenzo Traldi, "Tied dice", pp. 85-96
  • William F. Klostermeyer and Gary MacGillivray, "Eternal Dominating Sets in Graphs", pp. 97-111
  • Frank J. Hall, Kinnari Patel and Michael Stewart, "Interlacing Results on Matrices Associated with Graphs", pp. 113-127
  • M.J. Grannell, T.S. Griggs and M. Knor, "Orientable biembeddings of Steiner triple systems of order 15", pp. 129-136
  • Lindsay H. Jamieson, Stephen T. Hedetniemi and Alice A. McRae, "The Algorithmic Complexity of Alliances in Graphs", pp. 137-150
  • T.A. Rice, "Wythoff Quasigroups", pp. 151-161
  • Sumanta Sarkar and Subhamoy Maitra, "Efficient Search for Symmetric Boolean Functions under Constraints on Walsh Spectrum Values ", pp. 163-191
  • Lutz Volkmann, "Degree sequence conditions for super-edge-connected oriented graphs", pp. 193-204
  • Mustapha Chellali and Odile Favaron, "On k-star-forming sets in graphs", pp. 205-214
  • Glenn Hurlbert and Vikram Kamat, "Two New Bijections on Lattice Paths", pp. 215-223
  • Jean Blair, Wayne Goddard, Sandra M. Hedetniemi, Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Fredrik Manne and Douglas Rall, "Emergency Response Sets in Graphs", pp. 225-243
  • Adriana Hansberg and Lutz Volkmann, "Lower Bounds on the p-Domination Number in Terms of Cycles and Matching Number", pp. 245-255

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